Welcome to the Small Painting Gallery.

This Gallery will show paintings that have dimensions less than 50cm on height or width. Click on image to see a larger image then hover over image for more details.

"Darkening Treelines" ...one of my favorouite themes.Treelines...I love the dark and cool depths that invites you to take a closer look...

Title "Darkening Treelines"20cm x 40cm, oil on canvas, ready to hang. $160 aud

This painting is one belonging to a triptych I painted of The Flinders Ranges in South Australia. Wild an rugged country ...and just great to camp in.....more animals than you can poke a stick at !!

Title "Red Earth Country"

40cm x 20cm, oil on canvas , ready to hang

sold november 2017


A lovely little textured painting . 

Title " Light in The Treetops", 48 cm x 22 cm (excluding frame) oil on ply, framed, $290AUD

Breakwalls at the the river mouth are another common theme I enjoy painting. They are very common on the east coast of Australia were the many rivers enter the sea.

Title " Breakwall Light"

40cm x 20cm , Oil on Canvas, ready to hang, $160 aud

This painting is inspired by the light of the North of Australia. Camping around Kakadu National Park in the Northern Territory.

Title "Under a Northern Sky", 30cm x 30cm Oil on canvas, ready to hang, $320 AUD

This is another favourite composition that I love painting. It represents the bush or treeline at waters edge....with the dark door to the quiet places beyond.....I love painting this and have created many versions in different colour combinations and sizes...this one is very small.

Title "Small Places by The Water", 19 cm x 11 cm , double gold frame, $320 aud

This oil on canvas painting is on o a small series I did focusing on the treetops of The Australian bush.

Title Little Treetops II

25cm x 20cm Oil on canvas, ready to hang, $90aud

"Orange Sky with Trees"...another striking colour mix that a really like using ....especially the oranges and golden yellows..a small work 18 cm x 49 cm, oil on board and framed in gold, $290 aud

This painting was inspired by the rugged coast near Little bay and the Gap Beach track at South West Rocks. A beutiful and Treacherous area.

Title "Rocky Point", 49 cm x 19 cm (excluding frame), oil on canvas ion board, framed, $290 AUD

This is a beautiful little painting of a favourite beach of ours just south of Crescent Head. Its called locally "Sunset".I have spent many years swiming, surfing and fishing at this spot 

Title "The Gap" 60cm x 30cm,  oil on board, ready to hang. $320aud

A small study I did for a much larger commissioned work ...a great theme and colour mix...

Title "Study 1 for Treelines and Earth 2", on canvas on board, framed,Sold August 2015