Title " Atmosphere in Blue with Trees", 41cmx122cm, Acrylic on Canvas, Ready to Hang, $905 AUD Free shipping in australia: Purchase via my bluethumb shop

This powerful acrylic painting was inspired by a trip around and over the north and central areas of Australia.......the landscapes and skyscapes are all just stunning....It is quite large and would suit a larger display wall to really capture the eye...

Title " Big Fella My Country", 91 cm x 183 cm, Acrylic on Linen, Ready to hang, $2660 Aud

"Dark and Deep" An impressive work and one that I particularly like as it is made with acrylic and ink...and when worked togerter give a rich deep feeling to the work

122 cm x 81cm, Ref 0646, Acrylic and ink on canvas, ready to hang, Sold Aug 2017

" The Beach" was inspired by the view looking south at Lighthouse Beach , Port Macquarie, NSW, down to middle brother mountain in the distance. I love beachscape paintings ...and this one in particular .

Title "Beach", 122 cm x 102 cm, oil on Linen, ready to hang, ref 0597, $1990AUD

Title "A Special Place (Wineglass Bay, Tasmania)" ..You Know you love it !!. This is a beautiful area in Tasmania.....to get to this spot you need to take a challenging walk through rocky tracks and boulder strewn bush ... Its just great ...Go There


This beautiful painting from the red centre of Central Australia was inspired by a trip in 2011. An iconic place to visit with astounding horizons and skyscapes.Get out there and have a look.

Title "Red Heart" ( uluru, Central Australia ), 61 cm x 183 cm, Oil on linen, ref 0608, $2040 AUD . Available to purchase on line at Bluethumb Gallery with free shipping and insurance and 7 day returns

Another breathtaking vista to immerse yourself in ...The iconic Kings Canyon in Central Australia.This painting shows the view across the canyon to the massive orange cliffs and the trees that populate the rubble strewn floor. I loved ...and I walked it !...it was as hot as !!!

Title "Kings Canyon" 71cm x 167 cm, Oil on canvas, ready to hang, $1890 AUD

The stunning coastal area of South West rocks has Trial Bay. ...a beautiful beach ....This painting shows the well known Boulders at the town end of the beach and in the distance is the headland that has a camping ground and the historic Gaol......a great place for a dip ...you know yu want to just dive right in !!

Available to buy at my Bluethumb online gallery for $1800

" Dawn on the Nullabor Road"... a magic place ....If you've been there at this time you will know what I mean ....If you haven't...you will want be there....beautiful lights and misty atmosphere are inspirational....

40 cm x 122 cm, Ref 0654, oil on canvas, ready to hang, sold via BlueThumb Aug/2017

This is a place you must visit !!! Whitehaven Beach on Whitsunday Island .A phenomenal spot in The Cumberland Islands group off the coast of North Queensland.

Turquoise water and white silica sand that just has to be seen to be believed.... an unspoiled wonderland that was a pleasure to see and paint.

Title "Whitehaven", 61 cm x 153 cm, Oil on linen, ready to hang, $1730 AUD.

Can be purchased via Bluethumb online gallery with free shipping and insurance

I was inspired to paint this dramatic skyscape after camping at Jervis Bay on the south coast of NSW. ..watching storms over the ocean is always fascinating and I have spent a lot of time doing it ..great to see !

Title "Wild Sky Over The Bay", ref 0617, oil on linen, 91 cm x 122 cm, ready to hang, $1690 AUD

Travelling through the Eastern Kimberley in Northern Australia is a "must do" if you like being on the road. ...rugged beauty everywhere...try the drive Katherine, NR to Broome in WA ..fantastic

Title"Red Road Country " ref 0607, 61cm x 183 cm, Oil on linen, ready to hang, $1790 AUD

If you have been to Tasmania , hopefully you made it around to the Friendly Beaches on the north east coast. It was one of the best places to camp in the bush...and you don't feel like your out in a car park!!.. beautiful water and coast .unique.

Title " Friendly Beaches", ref 0598, 61 cm x 183 cm, oil on canvas, ready to hang, $1790 AUD

Spending a lot of time on the beach at all hours of the day you can see some amazing and beautiful sights...one of these is the cloud line that hug the coast ........ This is what inspired this work....

Title Beach Horizons" ref 0591, 46 cm x 122 cm, oil on linen, ready to hang, sold april 2019