Welcome to the Medium Size Painting Gallery.

This Gallery will show gallery wrapper, ready to hang, paintings that have at least one side greater than 50cm up to 99cm. Click on image to see a larger image then hover over image for more details.

Thanks for your patience …Im building a new Gallery for you to see more work……Scott September 2018

This whimsical , bright and textured painting will add a bit of light and beauty to any room...it is a theme I like doing .....

Title "Wandering in The Country of Sun and Grass", Oil on canvas, 30 cm x 91 cm, ref 0651, ready to hang, sold june 2017

Title "In The Darkness of Night", 31 cm x 91 cm,ref 0675, oil and wax medium on canvas, ready to hang, $450 AUD

The Flinders Ranges is a stunning landscape to see...I spent a bit of time here camping...it had all extremes...hot one minute storms and flash floods the next ...

Title "Flinders Horizon",30 cm x 91 cm, Ref 0652, oil on canvas, ready to hang, $450 AUD To Purchase this painting please see my ebay listing

A stylised interpretation of rocks at one of my favourite beaches just south of Crescent Head... the beach is known locally as Racecourse beach.....plenty of space, no crowds..

Title "Rocks", 75 cm x 51 cm, oil on canvas, ready to hang, ref 0462, $590 AUD

The Red Country of central Australia is a painters dream....Kata Tjuta a natural and spiritual wonder....you have to get out there !

Title " Red Country", 31 cm x 91 cm, oil on canvas, ready to hang, $450 AUD

This painting was inspired by a walk around the boardwalk of the Sea Acres Rainforest at Port Macquarie.... a beautiful little bit of peace and tranquility right on the coast...it also has a great restaurant !!.

Title "Boardwalk in The Forest", 76 cm x 76 cm, ref 0603, Oil on canvas, ready to hang, $890 AUD

This painting was done as part of a theme..... light colours and easy to look at ...representing the changing light and atmosphere of various lake areas I have visited....

Title "Earths Light- A lovers Touch", oil on board, ref 0332, 90 cm x 60 cm, $790 AUD

This rich and textured work represents the striking landscapes of Australia's outback rivers and bush landscape... always rich and visually dynamic.

Title "River and Bush", 90 cm x 60 cm, ref 0371, oil on board, ready to hang, $860 AUD

This is a symbolic work dealing with the hidden depth of feeling evoked in people by dreams, forest and the spiritual world... for the viewer ..it is a case of interpret it as you will...

Title "Red Spirit Door in The Forest of Dreams", oil on canvas, 91 cm x 30 cm, ready to hang, ref 0636, $450 AUD

On of a series created for the light an atmospheric changes on the lakeland landscape...love the colour and the texture..

Title "On The Edge - with Treeline", oil on board, ready to hang, ref 0345, 76 cm x 40 cm, $480 AUD

This striking Painting symbolizes the landscapes of Northern Australia...the rich green of tropical Kakadu are a sight to experience...humid, green and wet, both the sky and the land..

Title "Top End Green ", 31 cm x 91 cm, oil on canvas, ref 0600, ready to hang, $450 AUD

The painting was created after a trip in the Yellow Water area of Kakadu, a beautiful place ....but keep an eye out for the crocs ...

Title "Green Water Spirits", ref 0599, 31 cm x 91 cm , oil on canvas, ready to hang,sold november 2017

Title "Billabong and Trees" ref 0370, 60 cm x 90 cm, oil on board, , ready to hang, $790 AUD

Painted from a small bushy spot on the edge of a lake ..... called Green Point , near Booti Booti National Park.......

Title "The Dark Bank- with Reflection", oil on board, ready to hang, ref 0347, 90 cm x 46 cm, $660 AUD