Testimonials — See what our exhibition visitors and customers are saying about Scotts Paintings and Exhibitions 

A few statements from the visitors books from the thousands of people who have visited my exhibitions:

From the visitors book;

The outback as it really is - true colours- great!
— C & J ...2013
Love your treeline, waterways in green, cliffs and sky ! Wow!!
— Fran 2010
Amazing! we wish we could have bought more!!!
— Sean and Bee 2009
Beach Themes...burst of colour, loved the paintings. We now have two beautiful paintings for our house
— Kay 2006
congratulations Scott on capturing the vibrancy of Australian Landscape
— Jann 2006
stunning with exciting, vivid colours and textures
— Kim 2006
Great Exhibit - colour superb/ composition amazing!
— Brin 2004

*Love the use of light and colour. - Paul....

* Excellent. I'm amazed at the variety and stunning use of colour. - Zalie..

*Love the whole show. Well done. - Noreen..

* Intriguing , vivid and luminous use of colour, texture work beautiful. - Emma..

* Tremendous works that capture the spirit. - Grant...

* I'm flabbergasted ! In love with your art.  - Narelle...

*Vibrant, Lively and free. -Mary...Toronto Canada-2006

* Paintings so good we bought one. - Narelle

— Roy 2014
Particularly liked the landscapes, captured the wild in these paintings
— Adric 2011
Beautiful texture, great colour, very bold. Just all in all a wonderfull exhibition - inspiring
— lynne 2008
Use of colour and light is amazing
— Mezm2005
Fantastic ! great depth of colour and perspective
— Gary.. 2004
Fom one artist to another ...Im impressed
— Angela 2003
Movement and colour again so strong - like to step into a few- we will enjoy your expression in our home
— Melanie 2004